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Are you looking for summer house ideas? No matter if you need solutions for your summerhouse, garden room, shed, or just want to renovate the interior of your house, we have your back. 

We have delved deep into the YouTube rabbit hole, haven’t left behind any nook and corner of Instagram, and scrolled through Google for some totally spectacular ideas to cover you.  And if you have just visited us for your living room makeover, then these ideas will work there as well! You can also work with lap fencing in Hull to complete the look of your summerhouse and its surroundings. 

Let’s have a look at them:
1. Nothing can Beat a beachy neutral vibe 

The entire outdoor living room thing is now a few summers old. Everyone loves space in their backyard that soothes them whenever they pay a visit there. Obviously, incorporating a summerhouse is the best way to do this, but it’s also fit for your living room

It’s all about working with the right colours and designs. If a light, weightless vibe you enjoy, then this is a great way to go. 

You can also give this light, airy feel to a room by adding rugs, cushions, lanterns, a fire pit, or baskets. These seriously amplify the cozy, beachy look. And of course, hang some fairy lights!

2. Add Different Hues of Blue

How stunning a blue room looks? And the shades of blue are very reminiscent of a summerhouse. 

White walls with blue designs or blue carpets, rugs, and bedsheets would all work perfectly in wooden summerhouses in Hull

3. Love a country cottage feel? Play with Colour and Texture 

Country cottage feel is perfect for summerhouses if you just want to curl up and read a book. The romantic, summery, traditional English feel is what most crave for. To get this look in your summerhouse, just work with layers of different colours, textures, and fabrics– the more the better. 

You can also add some vintage garden furniture and benches to enhance the cottage feel. 

Incorporate soft colors in the windows in your summer house. If not curtains, work with hand fabric such as net or lace panels underneath.

4. Play with Muted Prints

We have the best idea for vintage enthusiasts. Many love to give their summerhouses vintage looks but prefer a simpler, contemporary interior instead of a gaudy look. Complement your peaceful scenario by including pastel green, light pink or shades of cream to offer the room a chic look. 

Paint the exterior with a deeper shade of the above-mentioned hues to seal the entire look as one. 

You can also add character to your summerhouses in Hull by adding some vintage furniture or decorative items to remain true to the original idea.

  5. Install the Right Lighting 

Nothing looks good in a shabby, dimly lit space. Play around with pretty fairy lights to glow up your garden summer house. During the dusk, the garden lights make the structure look dreamy. 

Solar lights are a great addition if outdoor access to electricity is unavailable. 


Can you put a sofa in a summer house?

Yes. you can also add colour and design to your summerhouse with a sofa and its cover. 

How do you decorate a summer house?

You can add anything as per the feel and look you are aiming for. 

What are summer houses made of?

Summer houses are typically made of planed, shiplap tongue and groove timber. 

Go on, spend this weekend in your summerhouse. If privacy is your concern, add lap fencing to keep the summerhouse private and secure. 

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